Carinne is a Lyrical Wordsmith, Vocalist, Guitarist, and Composer who stirs the soul with a rich & unique blend of sophisticated groove & feel good originality.

From Motown to Yo’town; her rhythm, lyrics, and enthusiasm will get your motor running.

Carinne drives relentlessly to keep her experiences relative to her songwriting; blending soul, melody, and simplicity seamlessly allowing the songs to tell their side of the story.

Carinne is currently drifting roots between the Country and the Blues and often doubles as a doctorate of tilted barstool philosophy when she’s not on the road gathering tales.


Carinne knew she would become…
a Writer at age 7
a Guitarist at 15
a Vagabond at 19
and a Vocalist at 23

Carinne was born and raised just outside of Detroit, MI where she began experimenting with different instruments at an early age. Her first was organ but she felt compelled to dive right into orchestral instrumentation after watching a kid wonder perform Minuet in D on Cello in 4th grade. She was blown away at how deep and resonant the cello sounded and chose to explore her classical stringed options, moving from cello to violin to viola and back to violin. It wasn’t until high school that she discovered her own inner voice. She joined chorus and was startled at how easily she could read notation. She figured out later that both the cello & the violin had taught her to sing.

Shortly thereafter, when an acquaintance introduced her to the acoustic guitar right before her 15th birthday, she knew she had discovered her lifelong friend and immediately began writing songs. “Everything just kinda came together at the right time and gelled,” she explains. “I received a guitar for my birthday that year and started teaching myself chords and writing poetry and lyrics. My youth induced friendships and the music we were listening to were all highly influential. And so, it’s been an exquisite journey ever since, both painful and beautiful.”

After a few years studying and performing Jazz in college she took off and started traveling and living everywhere she could to learn life on the road and to listen to stories she now captures in her writing. She tells us the most important traits a musician can hold are conscience & humility and she gives props to the people, places, and influences who taught her and motivated her to persevere.

Today, Carinne has resided in 26 States and has penned over 200 songs. She enjoys performing in intimate settings where she can be herself and where there’s never a cover…song.

You know what they say, nothing beats the original!

“Songwriting is a craft you can’t necessarily teach, format perhaps, but more importantly; something you can hope to learn if you keep searching for the experiences that compel you to share musically with others in a way that can be understood and hopefully appreciated.

Though, on occasion a song is written strictly for the therapeutic benefit & process of a life lesson and kept to oneself.”